Fall 2016 Photo Contest Winners!

We received over 30 photo submissions from students who have recently studied abroad! Over the past few months, over 1300 votes on social media have been counted!

We are excited to announce the winners!

1st place: Jenna Rahwanji (Prague, Czech Republic)


2nd place: Ashley Fuoti (Cinque Terre, Italy)


3rd place: Jenna Cordiello (Interlaken, Switzerland)


Spring 2016 Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all our world-traveling students who submitted their amazing photos from their time abroad! We received nearly 30 entries and totaled over 2,000 votes from social media, orientation meetings and our Bon Voyage social.

We are excited to announce our Spring 2016 winners:

1st Place Harrison Hart: Florence, Italy

First Place (4) 8_Harrison_Hart_Florence_Italy

2nd Place Dominique Farino: Checchauen, Morocco


3rd Place Amanda Cipriano: Interlake, Switzerland

Third Place (1) 3_Amanda_Cipriano_Interlake_Switzerland

Student Blog: NomNom.Com

Stein Switzerland

Skydiving in Switzerland!

Follow Lindsay through the Czech Republic as she experiences the cities through food and adventure! We love her Instagram feed, too .. but be forewarned, it will make you oh so hungry!



Lindsay Stein

CEA: Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Angl-AMerican University in Prague

Spring 2014

Photo Contest Submissions

Even though these pictures did not win the majority vote, they are still spectacular in their own right! Here are a few more submissions from our fall 2012 photo contest:


Amsterdam – Patrick Isen


China – Winta Tedros

Costa Rica

Costa Rica – Brenna Casey

Costa Rica Trees

Costa Rica – Meghan McArdle

London Phone Booth

England – Leigh Anne Weaver


Greece – Rachel Urban


Italy – Alexis Small

Italian Soccer Game

Italy – Erin McGall


Spain – Caroline Kelley


Switzerland – Jordan Horowitz