Conversation partner opportunity

We’re sharing this opportunity for domestic students from our partners at the Towson English Language Center. Please contact the ELC with any questions!


Would you like to:
• Learn about another culture?
• Develop a broader world perspective?
• Make a new international friend?
• Help an international student learn about American life and culture?

Then become a conversation partner with an international student from the English Language Center. Our students come from all over the world – China, Korea, Thailand, Ivory Coast, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Brazil, Togo, and many other countries – and are eager to talk with American students.

What do you need to do?
• Meet for one hour each week for ten weeks during the spring semester
• Arrange the time and place of your meeting with your partner
• Talk about topics of mutual interest – family life, dating, education, TV, etc.
• Laugh and have fun
• Sign up today!

Whether you are majoring in education, political science, international business, marketing, mass comm, or the health sciences, or studying a foreign language, or are just interested in people, become a conversation partner today.

Each semester the English Language Center attempts to match up our international students with American TU students to help promote mutual understanding and improve the English skills of our students.

ELC students are very eager to meet “real” Americans (as opposed to their teachers) and to understand the American culture and perspective on the world.

They come from many countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. Many Americans will have jobs in which they will have to interact with people from other cultures. We at the English Language Center encourage your participation in our program because we firmly believe that you will benefit both by developing a new, expanded, or deeper understanding of our world and by learning something about yourself and the way you fit into a multicultural environment.

For more information contact:
Lynda Mermell
English Language Center
Enrollment Services (ES) Building 331

We will find a partner for you and help you make the initial contact.