Live Blogging: Summer 2014 in Peru

Dr. Devon Dobrosielski, from the Department of Kinesiology, and 14 students are heading to Peru for the next 10 days on a faculty-led study abroad trip.

Lucky for you all (and for us!) they have taken to live blogging their experience! Follow along as they visit Macchu Picchu (one of the new 7 wonders of the world), archaeological sites, a Medical School, and visit ancient ruins.

Click here for a look at the latest posts!

Live Blogging: Summer 2014 in Argentina

We are loving the updates from our students in Argentina — great pictures, stories, and discussions from the Psychology class abroad with Dr. David Earnest.

Click here for a look at the latest posts and take a look at some of their stunning photos below.

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Student Blog: NomNom.Com

Stein Switzerland

Skydiving in Switzerland!

Follow Lindsay through the Czech Republic as she experiences the cities through food and adventure! We love her Instagram feed, too .. but be forewarned, it will make you oh so hungry!

Lindsay Stein

CEA: Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Angl-AMerican University in Prague

Spring 2014