Intern Abroad!

Do you want to study abroad, but don’t think you have time to squeeze it into your schedule? Does your major require an internship for graduation? Do you want your resume to stand out to future employers?

If you answered yes to the above questions, a summer internship with Global Experiences might be just what you’re looking for! And if you weren’t looking, it just might be the best thing you never knew you needed!

Towson University has partnered with Global Experiences to provide Towson students the opportunity to access internships abroad. GE has been working for the past seventeen years to coordinate students with professional internships in fields such as advertising, business, communications, law, advocacy, NGOs, politics, psychology, engineering, art, and many more!

Current TU Global Experience Internships include:

Not convinced yet? Well how about take it from a TU Global Internships alumni. Two of our peer advisors have participated in the Global Experience Internship program. Jillian Procope, a mass communications major participated in the Global Internship in London, United Kingdom. Kayla Brande, a communication studies major participated in the Global Internship program in Sydney, Australia.

If we’ve peaked your interest and you have questions, come see us at the Study Abroad Office in Psychology 408 or email us at 

Why NOT Study Abroad?

Studying abroad could easily be one of the most beneficial components of your college experience. Learning abroad allows you to gain independence, experience new cultures, impress employers, expand networking opportunities, and seize your opportunity to see the world. Why then, do 90% of undergraduate students complete their degrees without studying abroad? There are several misconceptions when it comes to studying and/or interning abroad.

1. “Studying abroad is too expensive.”
A common reason that students think that they cannot study abroad is cost. Studying abroad does not have to be expensive! There are many resources available to students such as scholarships, financial aid, and grants. Planning ahead of time is key to not having to spend more money than necessary. Towson offers a variety of programs that vary in price based on program type, length, and destination.
Did you know?
Towson study abroad exchange programs cost the same as your tuition and fees at Towson University.

Take a look at our exchange programs here:

Towson offers a variety of scholarships and we recommend that you apply:

2. “I don’t speak the language.”
Many students worry about their inability to speak another language. You do NOT have to speak the language to study abroad. In most countries, you will not have to worry about a language barrier in the classroom because your classes will be taught in English! However, language learning can be a component of your study abroad program. Plus, you can always try to learn a new language in your free time.

3. “Classes aren’t offered abroad in my major.”
It is very common for students to assume that they cannot study abroad based on the courses they take. However, there are programs for everyone in every major! Towson University offers more than 800 programs in over 60 countries. Never feel limited because of what you are studying.
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