TU Abroad Stories: Elssa Kenfack

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When Elssa Kenfack went abroad in the Minimester of 2018 on an Intensive language & Culture program through CIEE to Salvador da Bahia, she kept a blog highlighting some of the experiences that she had.

She starts her journey on her blog with:

“Coming to you all the way from the beautiful Salvador—I MADE IT! There are always some bumps in the road when it comes to me getting from point A to point B but nonetheless, I have to say this trip was smooth sailing.”

Throughout her stay in Salvador da Bahia, Elssa documented the various things that she did while there. In her blog posts, she captures the culture and various personalities of the town and the people in it.

To read all of her blog posts, please visit:  https://ekyzfindinghome.wordpress.com/category/salvador-de-bahia/