Hidden Gems: Ecuador


TÚ Abroad (You Abroad)

The Study Abroad Office invites you to experience Ecuador! Ecuador is a part of our priority countries campaign called “Hidden Gems”. This means that we are trying to encourage students to experience and discover places that have had less travel exposure.

Please explore our program offerings for Ecuador! Studying abroad in Ecuador also gives students applying for scholarships to that program priority consideration for scholarships.

Here are some need-to-know facts for studying abroad in Ecuador:

  1. The capital of Ecuador is Quito.
  2. The official language of Ecuador is Spanish. Keep in mind that your courses will be in English unless you choose to take a foreign language course!
  3. Ecuador uses U.S. cash! How convenient! Make sure to carry small bills.money_0
  4. If you refer to yourself as “americano”, people in Ecuador will say “yo también” (me too). Ecuadorians (and most of the Latin American world) consider themselves Americans. Please be sensitive to this fact as you interact with locals. One way to avoid confusion or offense is to use to word “estadounidense” to refer to yourself. It means you are from the U.S. specifically.
  5. Be aware of the altitude change! Parts of Ecuador are high above sea level. You can use medicines or teas to combat these changes, but also be sure to pace yourself.about-ecuador-altitude-sickness

Fun Facts:

Ecuador is a place of rich geographical diversity. Of course, it is home to the Galapagos Islands, the famous islands visited by Darwin long ago.

Roasted guinea pig, or cuy, is a traditional dish served in Ecuador.

Ecuador produces some of the highest quality cacao in the world.



Interested in Ecuador? Stop by our office in Psychology Building Room 408 to learn how you can study abroad there! Our office is open Mon-Fri from 8am to 5pm. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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