Hidden Gems: Morocco


Many students think of Europe or Asia when they plan their studies abroad. For this reason, countries like Morocco are overlooked even though they have so much to offer students. The study abroad office has started a campaign to increase student travel to these lesser-known destinations. We invite you to learn about and fall in love with Morocco!


Take some time to learn the basics:

  • Morocco is a country that is located in northeast Africa along the coast. It is extremely close to southern Spain. The capital of Morocco is Rabat.








  • Morocco is an Arab nation. It is the only one that is not a member of the African Union. The official languages of Morocco are Modern Standard Arabic and Berber, the Moroccan dialect of Arabic. Some inhabitants also speak French. If you are concerned about the language barrier, do not worry! All of the courses you take will be offered in English unless you choose a language course.ย talking-different-languages








  • The most practiced religion in Morocco is Islam. The majority of Moroccans are Sunni (orthodox) Muslims.







Fun Facts:ย 

-The national dish of Morocco is couscous!










-Shoppers rejoice! Haggling is a way of life in Morocco.

-Morocco is affordable! Keep in mind that souvenirs, car rentals and alcohol will still be pricey–as in any country.

The Study Abroad Office is offering programs in Morocco year-round. Also, students who apply for a program in Morocco will have priority scholarship consideration! Stop by our office in Psychology Building Room 408 from 8-5p! We are here to help!