Hidden Gems: Czech Republic

czech town 2


The Towson University Study Abroad Office invites you to learn about the Czech Republic! This landlocked country is nestled in the heart of Europe. It can easily be passed over for more familiar destinations like France or England. Don’t let the big dogs get all the glory! Show some love to this charming destination.


Here are some quick facts about the Czech Republic:

  • The capital of the country is Prague. The official language of the Czech Republic is…you guessed it, Czech! Of course different regions have their own dialect.
  • The Czech Republic is known as the castle capital of the world. It is home to thousands of castles, ruins and keeps.
  • Be careful not to call Czechs, Czechoslovakians! “Czech” is not a shortened name, the Czechs and the Slovakians split and made their own separate countries in 1993.
  • Three staple foods of the Czech Republic are pivo (beer), guláš ( hearty beef stew) and trdelník (a delicious type of spiral donut)!
  • The cost of living is among the cheapest in Europe.
  • The Czech Republic is among the most accepting of LGBTQ+ community in the world.

czech flag

  • Beware! Culturally, a person who smiles at strangers is seen as having ulterior motives. Do not be offended if people seem reserved or stoic. Also be careful that your friendliness isn’t taken as something else!


Have we piqued your interest? Here’s one more reason to go to the Czech Republic: 

Because the Czech Republic is one of our “Hidden Gems”, priority scholarship consideration will be given to those who apply to study there, so don’t forget to apply for scholarships!

Check out our programs  and stop by our office to learn more about how you can go to the Czech Republic! We are located in the Psychology Building Room 408. Our office is open every weekday from 8:30-5pm. We look forward to seeing you soon!