Hidden Gems: Greece


Towson University invites you to learn about Greece. Greece is located in southern Europe and is the crossroads between Africa, Europe and Asia. Greece has undoubtedly rich culture, history and art. Some would say it is the birthplace of western civilization.

Here is some general information about Greece:

  • The official name of the country known as Greece is the Hellenic Republic. The capital of the republic isย Athens.
  • Greek is spoken as the official language. Be careful, they use the Greek alphabet, as well.
  • The Greeks are a family-oriented people. This can be overwhelming for those who are not used to it. Greeks can also be very direct when asking you questions. Just take it as them getting to know you!
  • There is the myth that Greece isn’t safe or worth visiting for economic and political reasons. Just be smart! Think of the same amount of safety that you would need in a collegetown or surrounding area. There are also plenty of apps that will alert you of situations to avoid.


  • Don’t forget to enjoy the fabulous food Greece has to offer!




Interested? The Study Abroad Office offers several options for studying abroad in Greece. Visit our database to see which program best fits you. Still debating? Because Greece is a priority country, students who apply for a program there will be given priority scholarship consideration!

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