Hidden Gems: South Africa

The Study Abroad Office invites you to discover South Africa! As it is one of our priority countries, our goal is to promote education abroad at this destination. We offer priority consideration for scholarships to those who apply for a program in South Africa! Learn more about South Africa below!

Quick Facts:

  • The official name of South Africa is the Republic of South Africa.
  • The currency of South Africa is the rand.
  • South Africa has three capitals: Cape Town (the legislative capital), Pretoria (administrative capital) and Bloemfontein (the judicial capital).


  • South Africa has 11 official languages, including English and Afrikaans.
  • South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation for its broad ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • South Africa is also the first African country to recognize same-sex marriage (2006) and fifth in the world to do so.


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