Resource Series 9: Veterans Abroad

american flag veterans day

Veterans can be very familiar with going abroad, but what about an experience when out-of-uniform? Chris Powell, former Study Abroad Veteran Liaison has had military and education experience abroad. Here is a summary of his thoughts:

  • Veterans are an underrepresented population within the study abroad community. Take advantage of this unique opportunity.
  • Study abroad expands your network and adds to your marketability in the globalized world we live in. Language skills and cultural competency give a great competitive edge in the civilian job market.
  • Studying abroad is a good way to break down the stigma that surrounds military who go abroad.
  • Veterans are already perfectly prepared to go abroad because of the stresses they have previously encountered. They have the adaptability and the resilience to excel in new environments.


Here is the Study Abroad application process in summary:

Step 1: View the information video on the Towson Study Abroad website for basic information and activate your Horizons account.

Step 2: View the program types and a list of programs offered in the online database.

Step 3: Come to a group advising session led by one of the Study Abroad Peer Advisors. These are offered Monday through Friday at 2pm in the Psychology building, room 408.

Step 4: Apply online via Horizons!

Check out this info sheet that summarizes the VA’s policy on financial assistance with studying abroad.

Click here for more detailed information about international education for the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs website.

Take a look at NAFSA’s resources for veterans desiring to study abroad.


If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact the Study Abroad Office. We are here to help make your experience abroad the best it can be!