Resource Series 5: Resources for Students with Disabilities Abroad

Mobility International said it best: If you have a physical disability, “[y]ou can and should apply for the same international exchange experiences as everyone else. People with disabilities are an essential part of any program.”

We want every student that wants to study abroad to get there, so here are some resources for students with physical disabilities, at every step of the process.

Here is a personal account of a Deaf student, and his thoughts on disclosing your disability during the application process.

In general, Mobility International USA is an amazing resources for students with disabilities to learn about resources abroad. They give practical advice while also making sure students know they can go anywhere they want. Bonus: one of our providers, CIEE, actually has a partnership with them

If you want very logical information regarding where to go and what assistance the U.S. government can offer, check out the U.S. State Department’s advice.

The organization Abroad With Disabilities also has an extensive list of resources for students with disabilities that want to study abroad (and some even include country-specific information or links!).

These are just some resources we know of and hope you find helpful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our office at (410) 704-2451 or email If you have any additional resources or personal advice to include, please let us know!