Closing Questionnaire with Towson University Study Abroad

Happy to share this great post from Allie Woodfin as she reflects on her year abroad in France. We wish her good luck as she continues on to teach abroad this year!

Alexandra Woodfin

Tu Study Abroad

Q: Please include biographical information for our use. Name, major, grad year, hometown, destination abroad, term abroad, program abroad.

Name: Alexandra Woodfin

Major: Economics, Foreign Languages: French Literature/Professional Track

Graduation: May 2015

HometownAnnapolis, Maryland

Destination: University of Avignon

Term: Fall 2014 + Spring 2015

Program: TU In France: Avignon Exchange

Q: You had the opportunity to study abroad multiple times while at Towson. What (or who) got you started and how did you choose your program?

I had always known that I wanted to study abroad – it was something that I asked about at each campus I visited over four years ago. I remember being sidetracked by a school that offered various programs in Eastern Europe, but I luckily chose Towson.

I chose my program by looking at budgets. When I broke down the costs and realized that tuition made up…

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