My Heart and Seoul: South Korea

Did you know that we recently had a Towson student in South Korea? Check out her awesome blog page and enjoy reading about her adventure!

Here’s a preview:

“Hyunwoo and I left for the airport around 8am (my flight was set to depart from Incheon at 10:30am), but perhaps we should have left a bit earlier… Although the transport from the hotel only took 10 minutes, the airport itself was packed — so many people everywhere!

Even with checking myself in via my e-ticket, I still had to wait in such a long line to check in my luggage… After the luggage was checked in, Hyunwoo and I grabbed some food (we hadn’t eaten breakfast yet). We had a few more minutes together before it was 9am and I had to start heading towards the security checkpoint. Although it was hard to leave him, I knew that he would be back in the U.S. only a week from then and we would see each other then.”

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