Easter Holiday Abroad

Allie Press is a current Junior majoring in Acting who is spending her Spring Semester studying in Falmouth, England, UK. 

I’m just back from Easter holiday and am now in the final stretch of the term. I had quite an exciting and satisfying holiday. First off, I got three whole weeks of break. It was seriously crazy compared to the one week Americans typically get. However, I stayed so busy it didn’t even feel that long.

My break began with my parents visiting me here in Falmouth. That was awesome. I didn’t realize how attached I’ve become to the place until I was proudly showing it off to my parents. I think my favorite thing we did was visiting the Minack Theatre. It’s an amphitheater in Cornwall carved into the side of a cliff. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Minack Theatre

We then left Cornwall for Cheltenham, then Sheffield. We currently have friends living in those places so we got to see some old friends. I hadn’t seen any of them in a very long time so that was wonderful.

After that, I was dropped in Nottingham with my friend, Corey, from Towson and I had to say goodbye to my parents, again. It was hard, but I had a friend to keep me company. Corey is in Nottingham with her family while her mom studies education on a Fulbright scholarship. While in Nottingham I got to see where they filmed Wayne Manor for the Dark Knight Trilogy and the Sherwood Forest! Both were beautiful. We had such lovely spring weather.

From Nottingham I went with Corey and her family to London. There I got to spend a whole day with fellow study abroad student, Kaya Vision. You don’t realize how much you missed a person until you are reunited. He took me through Camden Market, Piccadilly Circus, and to Kensington Gardens. I also got to walk the famous Abbey Road on my last day in London. It was way cooler than I could have imagined.


Corey and I then flew from London to Ibiza, Spain. This was my first time flying RyanAir and I will say it was pretty great. The flight was cheap and the staff was nice. That’s pretty much all you can ask, right? Ibiza was wonderful! We had to entertain ourselves mostly since it was off-season still, but we enjoyed the weather and I learned how to eat on a budget. Essentially, try to get a room with a kitchen and just eat out as little as possible. We saved at least €100 this way.

Abbey ROad

We said goodbye to the sunshine and went back to England. After a horrible night’s sleep in the airport, we took the train back to Falmouth. I showed Corey around town for a couple days and then she went home. I’d say I made the most of my three-week holiday. Now I’m back to school and buckling down for the last few weeks, as well as planning a couple more trips before going back to Maryland.