A Semester in Granada

Name: Jordyn Jones

Year: Sophomore

Major: International Studies and Political Science

Hometown: Upper Marlboro, MD

Abroad Destination: Granada, Spain

Abroad Term: Spring 2015

So it’s been about a two months since I’ve packed up everything and left the only place that I have ever called home to start a new adventure in Spain and so far its been amazing! I have been to so many different cities in a short amount of time and seen so many different sites that I could never express in words how exquisite or with photographs that would do it justice.


The top of Albyzin at Sunset

Who would ever thought that the world beyond which I knew would ever be so effortlessly beautiful that I would become speechless just by its sights.  What is even more amazing is the fact that I would even have the opportunity to participate in such an adventure!

School Building

School Building

Being here has brought so much joy in my life in just a few short weeks that no one who hasn’t studies abroad would never understand.  The world is so full of life and culture and amazing people who are willing to share it with you!  In eight weeks I’ve visited the vast and busy city of London, where I ran through the same 9 ¾ platform as Harry Potter trying to get to Hogwarts, imagined the life of the King and Queen of Spain as I walked through the halls of the royal palace in Madrid. I have stood in the same spot where Star Wars was filmed at the Plaza de Espana in Seville.

A view of Toledo

A view of Toledo

I have taken pictures with wild monkeys in Gibraltar, a country I did not even know existed! I have visited some of the greatest cathedrals in the world and last but not least I have lived in the most amazing city; Granada! A place where I walk to class in the morning with the Sierra Nevada among the horizon, and delicious tapas are served on a daily basis. In these two months I have met people I probably would have never crossed paths with if I never came here. I can’t believe in two months I learned so much academically, socially, and even things about myself.  I have done things I never even imagined myself doing, for instance hiking. It is amazing how being in a foreign country can bring out the greatest aspects of yourself. These two months have been by far the most amazing time in my life, I’m ecstatic about my last two months! Up next spring break in France, Italy, and Greece. Until next time Towson hasta luego!

Toledo Friends

Toledo, Spain