UWI: A Tropical Education Paradise

Written by Kaushal Desai, a current senior who studied abroad at University of the West Indies for a semester. Warning: He’s very convincing!

Are you tired of the cold? Feeling like you need a break from all the snowstorms? Of course you are! Well if you’re looking for a beautiful and warm place to spend a semester – or even a year – maybe you should consider studying abroad in the University of the West Indies at St. Augustine. This incredible institution is located in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, in an area linking the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Now we are sure you must be thinking, “Study in the Caribbean? How can I do that?” Well keep reading and we’ll tell you how!

Sara Waheed Spring 2013



The UWI offers courses in every discipline, from History and Spanish to Engineering and World Music! All you need to do is fill out the simple application and supporting paperwork from UWI and submit your TU Study Abroad Application. Apply by March 31 for the Fall and October 1 for the Spring to make sure you book your place among crystal clear water and the world’s friendliest people!

Still not 100% sure that you want to go to Trinidad and Tobago? Don’t worry, there are plenty more reasons why you should! While in Trinbago, as it’s often called, you can live on campus in a residence hall – as an international student, you would most likely live in Milner Hall. Milner, and all other UWI halls, provide students with a family feel and everyone knows everyone else. On any given day, you can see people out on the fields playing football (soccer) or cricket, or walking around giving out food they just cooked. In fact, part of the Milner Hall pledge proudly states, “On Milner, together, we are one!”

Madeline Hale Fall 2011

Last but not least, there’s the food – because you can never go abroad without experiencing the food. Between the fresh hot doubles (chickpeas and bread) that anchor the Trini breakfast to the roti and barbecue at lunch, Trinbago surely has something you will enjoy. Plus, with such a diverse population people coming from around the world, chances are you’ll find something you’ve always wanted but could never find! And with a 6-1 exchange rate, the food is certainly wallet friendly!

Don’t miss your chance to spend four months studying in the heart of the Caribbean – with a easy opportunity to go island hopping – and make sure you apply to study at the University of the West Indies at St. Augustine, the only school that doubles as a tropical paradise!