Studying Abroad in College and Weighing Your Options

Great piece from our friends at Towson SAM on pros and cons about study abroad. Solid points that will differ for everyone! #thinkaboutit

The Roar

Many students cite their semester or year of studying abroad as one of the most defining moments of their college careers. Studying abroad is a huge undertaking, as well as investment, so make sure to carefully consider your options before taking the plunge.

Positive Considerations

1. Once in a Lifetime Experience

One of the things I hear most from graduates of study abroad programs is that the experience cannot be easily replicated. It’s one of the most unique programs a college student can participate in, and past study abroad experiences are usually remembered with fondness. You may get the opportunity to travel later on in life, but living in an area for several months while attending classes at a foreign university will be difficult to do after college.

2. You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Being thrown into an entirely alien environment is terrifying, but it helps spur personal growth. You…

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