Countdown to OCTOBER 15!

Don’t forget, if you’re interest in attending a Minimester 2015 faculty-led program the deadline for application is October 15. Remember the programs are first-come, first-served and several of our programs are nearly full.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions. We can be reached by phone at 410-704-2451 or by email at

Here’s a look at our January destinations!

Minimester 2015

  1. United Kingdom/CRMJ Crime and Punishment Cross-Nationally, UK
  2. United Kingdom/MCOM – Corporate Communication in the UK
  3. France/MKTG Marketing in the Shadow of Bordeaux Vineyards, France
  4. Puerto Rico/ECED Dual Language Learners in Early Childhood Settings, Puerto Rico
  5. Dominican Republic/NURSHealth Professions in the Dominican Republic
  6. Italy/ITAL – History of Venice from the Maritime Republic to the Modern Days
  7. Guatemala/SPAN – Spanish Language and Indigenous Cultures in Antigua
  8. Puerto Rico & DR/KNESSugarball 2015: Sport in the Global Marketplace, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic

October 15 is also the deadline for students interested in traveling abroad for the Spring 2015 semester. If you have not yet been to an information session, please join us for one as soon as you can! They are offered every day from Monday through Friday at 2 p.m. in Psychology 408 and they are the first step to studying abroad on a long-term program.

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