We’re always in the mood for a good list, a hashtag or an Instagram competition. This one is specific for all of our travelers, whether you’re daydreaming or actually out there in the world at this very moment!

Small Planet Studio has launched a 5-day challenge called #MyGlobalLife with five great prompts for participating from September 29 to October 3. Hop onto Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #MyGlobalLife each day to participate. Here’s the scoop:

Day One: What’s the current view in your world?

Day Two: Answer the question: For me, #MyGlobalLife is about ________.

Day Three: Showcase your favorite souvenir that has contributed to your global life.

Day Four: Use that #tbt for a global Throwback Thursday (aren’t they all?)

Day Five: Where to next? Tell the world where you’re headed.

We can’t wait to see your contributions.

Keep an eye on our Associate Director @kmarieholland for a peek at her global life!