Italy: A Typical Morning in Florence

I decided to stay in Florence today, instead of traveling, so I thought I would talk about what a typical morning is like here. People usually start their days here around 9:00, beginning with a cappuccino and some type of pastry at a local café. Many cafes require you to pay if you actually want to sit (I didn’t know that at first), so I tend to just stand at the counter. These small cafes are great places to meet locals and work on your Italian! A typical next stop would be one of the many wonderful places to visit here in the city. There are a variety of churches, museums, palaces, and outdoor monuments to visit. I climbed the Duomo today, also known as the Florence Cathedral. There are over 400 steps but the view of Florence from the top makes the long climb worth it! I decided to leisurely stroll the San Lorenzo leather market afterwards, before stopping at a local pizzeria for lunch. My favorite is called O’Vesuvio’s and you watch them make your pizza right in front of you! There is so much to do and see here that I found it is important to plan out your mornings a little bit; especially if you are only here for a few weeks, like I am. Florence is such a beautiful city, with so much history and famous artwork to offer, that I enjoy staying here just as much as I enjoy traveling.

Florence 3

In front of the Bell Tower, which is right next to the Florence Cathedral. You can climb that as well, but the view from the top of the Duomo is better because it is much higher than the bell tower.



This is one of the many views from the top of the Duomo. It was rainy and cloudy when I went up, but when it is clear you can see the entire city!

Valerie Maggio

Florence, Italy

Minimester 2013