United Kingdom: House Pet

Clanny Cat is a cool cat. That’s right; this guy pictured above has got all the demeanor of a keen creature. He is a stray cat that deems Clanny House – the international housing dorms – his home. He’s the most domesticated stray cat you’ll find. Whenever a flat wanted company, all you had to do was prop open your kitchen window and Clanny Cat would hop in and out as he pleased. Although he emulated a true stray cat, he was spoiled by the International students showing his real domesticated roots. Sometimes he would stop by to take a nap. Other times to play or get unconditional attention. Most times he only cared if you had food. If not, he would hop right back out to find the next open windowed kitchen to pester its inhabitants. The best part about sharing custody to Clanny Cat is that he made me realize how much I missed my pets when I was abroad. Going abroad by yourself can be scary. But having a familiar face, like Clanny Cat, helped make the flat feel more like a home.

Shelby Newsome

University of Sunderland

Sunderland, England