United Kingdom: God Save the Queen?

While I do not have a lot of interest in politics, both foreign and domestic, I was asked more times than I can count about my personal feelings on Obama and his policies while abroad in London. The british students I came in contact with were overly interested in how much I knew about our policies in the United States and how I felt about the current state of our country. They knew more about Obama and his policies then I did! While we are extremely fascinated with the Queen and the royal family, the british are overly intrigued by our President! I could talk for hours about the royal family, but my british classmates were not interested. They saw the royal family as a bit of a waste of time while we see them as an icon. I know that the Prime Minister and parliament are the major law makers in the U.K but I still though the Royal family held some importance in the hearts of the people. Unfortunately they are simply a figure-head to the British and nothing more. The grass is always greener on the other side I suppose.

The real question is which one would you chose?










Leigh Anne Weaver

University Of Westminster

London, England