United Kingdom: Tea Time

The trip has been going great. Everyone seems to have a lot they want to get done in the last few days. Yesterday we went to afternoon tea at Harrods which was absolutely amazing. It’s a little pricey but they give you so much food. Four different types of sandwiches, two different scones, two types of jam and five different desserts. Needless to say by the time you are done your so full you won’t eat for six or seven hours. It’s and experience I would definitely recommend. Some of the girls that went are going again today for tea at the Ritz, which is even more expensive than Harrod’s.

On a different note – If you love to shop you shouldn’t be to worried about missing out on good markets because it’s winter. We went to Spitalfield markets yesterday and there were tons of vendors and little boutiques open. The people there were so nice and the food was delicious. Brick street is there, which is a road locals claim is famous for its Indian curry.
We are going to Camden market this afternoon, which is supposed to be another great market on the weekends.
One of my friends who studied abroad here for a semester last year took me to Whole Foods with her. I know your probably thinking, “Whole Foods? Why is that special?” But it is nothing like the Whole Foods at home. It’s way better. They have the most delicious crepes there which they make in front of you so carefully and it’s delicious. So if your hungry and don’t know where to go, “Whole Foods it up” as we say.
We leave tomorrow and I will say I’m pretty excited to go home and see my family ans friends tomorrow.

 Laura W.