Panama: A Hike Up Ancon Hill

Today we hiked up Ancon Hill which is a 654-foot and overlooks Panama City. We were told that when the pirate Henry Morgan invaded Panama City in 1671, his scouts first climbed the hill to gain knowledge about the local defenses. We also learned that the fist ship to transit the Panama Canal was named the SS Ancon after the hill and surrounding township.

The hike was not strenuous; in fact it wasn’t really a hike at all! There was a paved road leading to the top of the hill and it took our group only about fifteen minutes to climb to the top. When we arrived the views were breathtaking. Not only could you see all of Panama City, but you could also see the Old City, the Panama Canal, and the Bridge of the Americas.

In addition to the beautiful views there was a massive national Panama flag (the size of a basketball court!) flying at the top. There were also a few old structures painted bright colors almost like cabanas on the perimeter of the hill.

Our trip back down was at a leisurely pace and we even saw a sloth and a dear! The views at the top are indescribable so hopefully the pictures can speak for themselves!

 Jocelyn P.