United Kingdom: Getting Chilly!

We had to keep ourselves warm some how!While we are begining to see temperatures drop over the last few days, it is nothing compared to the chill the U.K will soon be receiving. I studied abroad in London during spring semester, so January until May, and I did not thaw out until about mid April! It was cold the whole time and my pea coat and gloves would not cut it! I was bundled from head to toe for months on end. The most surprising part of this cold front was the fact that despite London’s reputation for rain, it only snowed once. It snowed on February 6th, the day before my 20th birthday, and it only snowed about 3 inches. To many Americans, three inches in nothing. In London, those three inches closed down the city! The Tube stopped working, schools were closed, stores went unopened all over three inches of snow. The city of London was closed for an entire day! You would think that they would be a little more prepared than that! It was so cold I had to wear my pea coat to the beach!

Leigh Anne Weaver

University Of Westminster

London, England