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Cheers!My Name is Leigh Anne Weaver and I am one of the peer advisors in the Towson University Study Abroad Department! I am currently a Junior at TU majoring in Early Childhood and Special Education. More importantly,  I just recently came back from across the pond in London, England. I had a wonderful time in London and I know that many students have similar experiences all over the world so the Towson University Study Abroad Department has decided to create this blog for TU students to share their experiences abroad with each other and anyone else who is interested! We hope that this blog will either help you decide to study abroad, document your experience while your abroad, or remember all that was wonderful about the country you miss. We are looking for any and all blog posts on our page and if you are interested email a picture and your blog post to peeradvisor@towson.edu and we will post it ASAP! Happy blogging!